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Strategy Design Model and Technology that Delivers

Mathematical Guidance and Confirmation of Optimal Strategy Design

August 2023

How many successful strategies have you seen in companies and how many of these, if any, were deliberate and planned? (This short expose is in support of the more detailed article on my website blog: Decontextualized and Ineffective strategy, 24 November 2021).

Irrespective of the approach followed in crafting strategy, company strategies are often found wanting and ineffective in delivering real critical value. Strategy often does not support company growth or sustainability for exactly the reasons of being decontextualized, not focused on actual strategic delivery and therefore often largely inappropriate to the real strategic challenges the company face.

Companies often end up with glossy strategic documents that get circulated to shareholders/owners. These strategic documents often are inappropriately contextualised wish lists of activities. When the relevance of impact is measured over time, it does not always paint a picture of real delivery and therefore real return on time and energy invested in strategy development. Very often strategic documents carry a substantial amount of run-of-the-mill management objectives rather than real strategic issues. This comes about as a result of ineffective, decontextualized job and organisation design which in turn derails and devalues the focus that should be placed on real and contextually relevant organisational strategic delivery.

The above has lead Kontextit to develop 2 key frameworks to ensure an appropriate, contextualised delivery-based focus in strategy development. This has the added advantage that the time-frame spent on strategy development is shortened, therefore more cost effective and clearly focused on strategy delivery.

1. A clear global delivery-based model and framework for determining appropriate and relevant context. Context determines the field of play as well as the dynamics and issues within context that need to be considered and actively managed towards strategic delivery.

2. A mathematical model and framework to actively model and/or evaluate contextual relevance of strategic issues, challenges and delivery.

When the delivery context is clear, energy can be actively channelled towards developing contextually relevant strategy and strategic deliverables that can actively be managed towards successful delivery. Time out of office for executives for strategic breakaways is shortened while relevance of strategic deliverables and actual strategic achievements are significantly improved.

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