Delivery-fit Organisations Kontextit's World 1st Quantification Technology: The Delivery-fit Organisation where Scenario Planning, Strategy, Organisation Structure, Job design and Job Evaluartion, Remuneration, Team and People Assessment,

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People in organisations have what is necessary to make delivery focused companies successful.

With the appropriate strength and quality (Quantifiable)  of Scenario Planning, Strategy, Roles, Organisation Structure, Teams in role, People in role, People understanding job delivery in role, organisations can do what many consultants traditionally have done.

Quantification identifies and targets weakness in Strategy, Roles, Structure, Teams, People.

Using Quantification in Designing Delivery Based Organisations gives power of decisions and control back in the hands of organisations.

Based on Objective Quantified Analysis, focused interventions can be jointly designed to establish Delivery Based Organisations.

Quantification targets focus areas and enables people-in-role resulting in a reduction of consulting spent.

Delivery based support systems in e.g. Job Design, Job Evaluation, Remuneration have also been develop to ensure appropriate organisation and job delivery with appropriate strength and quality
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Quantify Organisation Strategy, Structure, Teams and Individuals to objectively determine  Organisation Fitness for Delivery