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No need for weeks of strategy workshops, breakaways and approaches resulting in long-winded documents that never gets used. We co-develop your delivery-based strategy focused on real issues relevant to the organisation.  Knowing the context of delivery for your organization, we can assist you in designing the core pillars of a contextually appropriate strategy with appropriate strength within a matter of hours.  This can be facilitated and designed online.



There is no longer value in hierarchies of position, power and wealth. Delivery is the only justifiable platform for structure. With your employees, if so preferred, we design, or re-align, your organisation into a delivery-based organization focused on value add.  Delivery is the only justification for any position, be it manager or specialist. 

Design and activation goes hand in hand to enable immediate traction of change and accountability for delivery. 

Our well-researched delivery-based framework and mathematical modelling technology is key in this process.  This shortens the process of design and also significantly reduces consulting costs. 



We do away with your old systems that maintain the hierarchies of power, position and wealth.  We can implement ready-made support products/processes to ensure quick traction of your delivery-based organization.  These include:

  • Revolutionary Delivery-based Job Evaluation and Grading System - Kontextit Dual Axis Job Evaluation System (KDAX): This approach, focused on delivery, also recognizes that value generation and delivery happens at all levels within the organization.  This process seeks to value, recognize and reward delivery across the organization and breaks away from maintaining the vertical hierarchies of power, position or wealth.  The Job Evaluation technology is in essence also OD technology as the same framework and mathematical principles apply to weigh a job as well as weigh the job in structure.​​

  • Delivery-based Performance Management: It breaks away from the traditional to track and reward achievement of activities without any value delivery.  Delivery-base performance management focuses the attention of performance on actual organizational value delivery

  • Delivery-based Remuneration: Using KDAX, remuneration becomes and objective an equitable process. It also lays the foundation for individualized pay.



Kontextit has developed two fundamental frameworks to support organisations moving into the future.

  • A delivery-in-context framework.  This is based on 30+ years of research and research information from 5 continents, diverse industries and cultures.

  • A mathematical conversion framework converting all delivery and direct support activity into to enable objective, numerical evaluation of delivery.  The mathematics is used to design and also continuously ensure the relevance and appropriateness of design, process or delivery.  Mathematics represents delivery and vice versa.

The mathematics provide visible measurable information, open to all, from which sound and objective solutions can be designed and decisions made.  No backroom solutions you cannot understand the reasons for, or that have no relevance to the organization.

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Our philosophy remains that your people knows best and with the introduction of a clear focus can developed and deliver what is required.  You remain in charge of the process and designs while our role is to facilitate that.

You pay for how you use and what you use of Kontextit to affect the delivery based organization.  No exorbitant cost for design work that never gets owned by your organization or its people, or wasting money on designs that makes no difference.

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