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Using our unique Delivery-Based framework and objective Mathematical Technology, we are able to design organisations fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We want organisations to break free from the vertical hierarchical structures of position, power and wealth dating from the Middle Ages. These structures, embedded by current job evaluation systems, have resulted in systemic inefficiencies and inequalities, destruction of value as well as the inhibition of the wealth of initiative and innovative contributions of people. A majority of organisations globally are still trapped in this environment. 

We want organisations to break away from these and other outdated setup and design philosophies that:

  • Are not innovative or paradigm breaking but merely advancements on what is already irrelevant and outdated

  • Intrinsically focused on activity differentiation for power, wealth and status

  • Are inefficient in finding solutions to and gearing organisations for the new world of work and often result in more chaos that has to be reworked at high cost

We want organisation to take control through empowering their people by:

  • Developing whole jobs where empowered people take full accountability for comprehensive, integrated and measurable value generation and delivery

  • Developing delivery-based organisations build on a philosophy and framework focused on relevant value delivery

  • Eliminate exorbitant consulting cost to company by empowering people to take control to deliver on whole jobs and be accountable for results

We want people:

  • To take accountability for full value delivery rather than be responsible for senseless activities only – motivational delivery focused work

  • To be recognized and rewarded for the value they create in organisations irrespective of where in the organisation’s structure the role fits.

It is our core belief, as Kontextit, that the elements above will contribute to organizations focused on real and appropriate value delivery whilst at the same time eliminating current systemic inefficiencies, as well as inequalities in organizations, and even more so, the systemic inequalities in society at large.

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